Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Watada: Who taught him moral fearlessness, respectability & values?

Desires: The warrior vaccinated against the disease of good visual deficiency. 

What do our grown-up youngsters say when asked in regards to who Americans are and what center qualities speak to America's best message to the world? 

Are our youngsters go getters with little respect for whatever America's center values genuinely speak to in light of the fact that they are more roused by some smooth deals presentation that says energy anticipates when you're on the way of being all that you can be? 

Is it accurate to say that they are, as has been brought up in a few venues, kids out of neediness who signed up out of monetary and savvy urgency? 

Is it accurate to say that they are veritable city minded loyalists who join their individual feeling of change toward oneself with profession destinations mixed with honest to goodness thankfulness for what it intends to live in the American popular government? 

Then again some place in the middle? 

Intentional military volunteers - both those who've enrolled and those with commissions - bring to the military launch handle that set of morals and profound quality developed in adolescence. In spite of the fact that family circumstances sometimes were lacking in helping make a robust establishment of morals and ethics, most who join leave families where in any event some level of a worth framework was supported and exhibited. 

Preferably then, passage into military life would incorporate a fortifying of good and moral characteristics into a mix with a warrior's set of accepted rules. 

Fighters are not without or pardoned from moral and good obligation. On the off chance that - in wrecking those preconceived thoughts considered by the military to be as opposed to the qualities and aptitudes essential in a warrior - new ideas, qualities and abilities do exclude a solid feeling of good obligation then our fundamental preparing and battle preparing projects are hurting both enlisted people and the country. 

Our children and girls are not to wind up irreverent executing machines completely needing in good obligation. This feeling of good obligation completely must move on from essential preparing in place in a warrior's psyche and heart. 

Without true good obligation in our warriors, not just will we see more awful occurrences of the disgracing of one's self, one's unit, one's limb of administration, one's group, and one's nation, yet the unlucky deficiency of good obligation will stand all the more completely uncovered as a blemish in the regular citizen society too. 

The pranks of non military personnel administration when it deliberately disregards or downplays the horrific outcomes of war, shelling fights and torment advocated by an option that is other than exacting guard of the country reflects a true blue good sightlessness. 

We don't send our kids out to battle unreliably with no feeling of morals essentially on the grounds that the moral and good sense has been appointed to higher powers. 

We don't pardon our warriors for moral and good slips by on the grounds that powers put in positions of named force have - with defending toward oneself fraud - marked wrongdoers as some few "rotten ones," who merit no further close investigation and need to be bolted up, the key discarded. 

We ought not endure regular citizen chairmen arguing purity due to the unfathomable hole between the most elevated echelons of power and the least bleeding edge heirarchy of leadership; that forefront where sergeants can be rebuffed on the grounds that a corporal endured the same good visual deficiency as those serving toward oneself regular folks on Mount Olympus. 

Moral visual impairment at a significantly all the more starkly hoisted level demands that: 

An attack that turned into a military occupation must be proceeded for the sake of staying on an unethical and dishonest course of intentional devastation of innocents on the grounds that we were misled by the liars who now pronounce that to stop the corrupt hostility would be "cutting and running." 

This is the absence of good obligation we've seen in the regular people now situated at the directing wheel who are condemning the ethical fiber of any individual who dissents, subsequently naming dispute as injustice. 

Our troopers totally must rise up out of essential and battle preparing with good ability in place. 

I trust that stories of systematized programming of racial scorn, dogmatism, stereotyping and ridiculing are not prevalently a piece of showing warriors an ethical and moral code. In the event that the stories are genuine, I pronounce without further ado …  they are not destroying it my name nor for my crew. I deny these strategies of good neglectfulness. 

That is obviously why we raise our kids to end up autonomous and confident grown-ups. The most exceedingly bad case of poor child rearing I can consider is having a 29-year-old demand that I let him know what to think and what to do always on the grounds that he can't or sluggishly won't think for himself. 

At the point when my child or little girl join the military and enter into its start, I am not being irrational in anticipating that the military will mix it feeling of moral and good obligation with that which we as folks have attempted to plant in our kids' heart

Friday, 8 March 2013

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge

Willapa National Wildlife Refuge is a National Wildlife Refuge located on the shores of Willapa Bay in Washington, USA. It comprises 11,000 acres (45 km2) of sand dunes, sand beaches, mud flats, grasslands, saltwater and freshwater marshes, and coniferous forest. The refuge includes Long Island with stands of old growth Western red cedar and hemlock. Willapa National Wildlife Refuge preserves many of unique ecosystems including salt marshes, muddy tideflats, rain drenched old growth forests, and coastal dunes and beaches. 

Freshwater marshes and grasslands are found along the southern shore of Willapa Bay. Visitors to the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge can enjoy viewing a wide variety of wildlife. Roosevelt elk, black bear, shorebirds, and spawning salmon are just a few of the many species that reside on the Refuge. The refuge is home to several endangered and threatened species including the snowy plover, marbled murrelets, and brown pelican. Other birds that are commonly spotted throughout the refuge include bald eagles, great blue herons, peregrine falcons, red-tailed hawks, marsh wrens, and golden-crowned kinglets.

Friday, 11 May 2012


A cactus is a member of the plant family Cactaceae, within the order Caryophyllales. The word cactus is derived through Latin from the Ancient Greek κάκτος (kaktos), a name originally used for a spiny plant whose identity is not certain. The plural of cactus varies; the Latin cacti, the English cactuses and the uninflected plural cactus are all used. With the exception of one species, cacti are native to the Americas, ranging from Patagonia in the south to parts of western Canada in the north.

Most cacti live in habitats which are subject to at least some degree of drought. Many live in extremely dry environments, even being found in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth. Cacti show many adaptations to conserve water. Most species of cacti have lost true leaves, retaining only spines, which are highly modified leaves. As well as defending against herbivores, spines reduce air flow close to the cactus and provide some shade, both of which help to prevent water loss. Cactus spines are produced from specialized structures called areoles, a kind of highly reduced branch; areoles are an identifying feature of cacti. As well as spines, areoles give rise to flowers, which are usually tubular and multi-petaled.

Saturday, 17 June 2006

We congressionally decide who our enemies are along party lines?

After the ten hours of congressional campaigning in which it became obvious we are being led by a bunch of Republican "made men" - enforcers given their orders by RNC/BushCo godfathers - I see that we now relate to the rest of the world in with self-interested political jingoistic partisianship.

Republican Louie Gohmert (R TX)was a prime example pretending to more military wisdom than Murtha.
Republican Rep Lynn Westmoreland (R GA) who can't recite more than 3 of the Ten Com mandments is another. | U.S. troop pullout timetable rejected by House: "June 17, 2006, 2:19AM
U.S. troop pullout timetable rejected
By a 255-153 vote, the House approves a GOP resolution that the Iraq conflict is part of the war on terrorism

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - The U.S. House rejected setting a timetable for a military withdrawal from Iraq after a 10-hour debate Friday in which both parties previewed their election-year strategies on the controversial war.

Lawmakers approved, 255-153, a nonbinding GOP resolution stating that the Iraq conflict is part of the war on terrorism and no deadline should be set for pulling out the troops."